These days internet connectivity is considered a must. It is often taken for granted that your home and your office are connected to the internet. One of the first items on the list of things to do when you move into a new home or office is to get an Internet Connection set up. There are several options available for Internet Connections. Broadband Internet is generally the preference, but there are other options. Southmicro Computer Technicians can assist with the installation of Internet Connections such as ADSL, Cable, Wireless Broadband, 3G Mobile Broadband, even Dial-Up connections.

Computer Services and Computer Repairs is what Southmicro Computer Technicians specialise in. Working Internet Connections are essential to a fully functional computer network in the modern world. We are able to work with and configure a wide variety of Modems, Switches and Routers in order to provide your Home or your Office with Internet Connectivity. If your Internet Service Provider provides you with such equipment, we can assist with the configuration if you ask us. Sometimes, when you call your Internet Service Provider, they do not provide the level of service that you are expecting or they misunderstand your computer service requirements. Southmicro can assist with Computer Issues like this.

Computer Networking is something we are frequently asked to look at. It is not only Computer Repairs and Computer Maintenance matters that our clients enquire about. Due to our extensive experience dealing with Computer Networking matters, we are confident we can assist with your Internet Installation needs and any other networking service calls in an effective and thorough manner. Please give us a call or enquire via our online booking form if you wish to book us in or to learn more about our services.