These days Malware (malicious software) is one of the biggest threats to people who use computers on the internet and as a result virus removal is a common service we carry out. Malware is a term that covers various kinds of infections, whether they are a virus, trojan, spyware, ad-ware or something else.

Many problems can arise from a malware infection, such as search redirections, pop-up ads, web-site visit tracking, login information theft, unauthorised remote control, spam sending and making your computer run slow and/or unstable, these issues may be resolved with virus removal. Malware authors tend to not care very much about the effect their program has on the performance of the computer they infect. Computer performance problems can provide early clues that there is a possible new malware infection.

Sometimes, when you attempt to remove malware including virus removal, it may seem like it has disappeared, only to return later much to your dismay. This is because some malware is very good at camouflaging itself and hiding in many places, such that standard malware detection may fail to eradicate the infection completely. Malware removal often requires the use of multiple tools by a knowledgeable technician and in the worst case a complete reinstallation of the operating system becomes necessary. Expert skills are particularly needed for virus removal tasks.

Whether the malware has infected a home computer or a business computer, the downtime can be a real problem until virus removal takes place, this is especially true in a business environment. When it comes to malware, prevention is better than the cure, and there are plenty of antivirus companies offering their product to help protect your computer. Not all antivirus products are created equal and in our experience there are certain products that perform above the industry average. In the malware cases we have seen, there are certain brands of security software that malware does not seem to penetrate as often. Nevertheless, virus removal is still needed from time to time.

For your malware removal needs including virus removals, you can rest assured that Southmicro has the experience and the expertise to not only remove the infection in a thorough and an efficient manner but to suggest great antivirus software to minimise the chances of the malware infection reoccuring. Please give us a call, we are eager to assist you with virus removals and any kind of computer service or computer repairs request in Sydney.