(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What kind of computer services does Southmicro offer?

A. We offer a comprehensive set of services to address Computer Support needs of a home or a small to medium business client. We provide the following services:

- Office Network Support - Virus / Spyware / Adware Removal
- Wired & Wireless Networking - Computer & Laptop Hardware Repairs
- Data Backup - Data Recovery
- Internet Security & Firewalls - Computer Help & Training
- Software & Hardware Troubleshooting - Computer Maintenance & Tune-ups
- Computer Upgrades - Internet & Email Setup
- ADSL & 3G Broadband Installations - Custom Built Computers
- Computer Setup - Computer Equipment Sales
- Remote Assistance - Server Installations & Relocations

Q. Is Southmicro available for home and business support?

A. Yes we are. The company was created for this precise purpose. Our technicians are experts in home, home office, and small to medium business Computer Support.

Q. How long will it take to fix my computer problems?

A. Southmicro technicians work as carefully and quickly as humanly possible, often the computer problems are resolved within the first hour. If a technician completes his work before the first hour ends, he or she will be delighted to answer any follow up questions you have or to offer Computer advice and tips. Naturally some computer problems do take more time than a single hour to address. If this occurs, you will be provided with an estimate by our technician. There will be no hidden charges or surprise bills.

Q. Why should I choose Southmicro?

A. We are individuals with a love of computers, problem solving and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We go the extra mile to ensure your computer is taken care of with the maximum amount of professionalism in an efficient manner with a focus on exceptional customer service. All our technicians have many years of experience working in the computer industry and have industry certifications.

Q. What can I expect from a Southmicro Computer Technician?

A. You can expect to see a friendly, professional, well-spoken technician. Technician that will keep you informed of the progress of the task at hand. Good communication between our technicians and clients is a top priority at Southmicro. You can expect clear and straightforward diagnosis of the problem and a plan to resolve it with an estimate on the time/costs involved.

Q. Who are Southmicro's clients?

A. Home Computer Users, as well as Home Office Users and of course Small and Medium Business Office Clients.

Q. Are Southmicro techs easy to understand?

A. Yes, we use simple, plain English to explain exactly what is going on with your computer. Our technicians speak fluent English. No technobabble or Star Trek jargon is spoken to avoid confusing our customers.

Q. Does Southmicro perform onsite computer services?

A. That is the core of our business, we will send a technician to your home or office.

Q. Can all repairs be done onsite?

A. Occasionally the problem requires that the computer be taken to workshop or a data recovery lab, an example of this would be a difficult data recovery task. If this turns out to be the case, we will provide you with a quote on costs and a time estimate on when the computer equipment will be returned to you. A lot of workshop jobs are completed within 1-2 working days, however some offsite work such as a complex data recovery can take longer. You will be kept up-to-date on the progress of your repairs while your computer equipment is offsite in the workshop or in the data recovery lab. We will ask you to please sign a form to authorise us to take your Computer Equipment offsite as well as a form related to the handling of your precious Computer Data.

Q. What kinds of computers does Southmicro service?

A. Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Macs.

Q. Does Southmicro sell computer systems or parts?

A. Yes, we sell a variety of computer equipment. Our technicians will be happy to quote you on any Computer Equipment that you are interested in purchasing.

Q. Does Southmicro provide software and hardware?

A. Yes, we sell hardware and software. Our technicians drive fully stocked vehicles, majority of needed parts are available during the service. In the rare event that the required part is not immediately available, the technician will arrange for the part to be brought in and installed during a follow-up visit as part of the same service.

Q. What days does Southmicro operate and how long will they take to arrive?

A. We operate 7 days a week including public holidays. We can organise a technician to be at your premises within 24 hours and typically the technician comes to see you the same day you make the booking if you require same day service.

Q. Where does Southmicro operate?

A. We operate all around Sydney. Please see the Service Area section of our website for a comprehensive list of all areas we cover.

Q. Do you guarantee your services?

A. We offer a 10 day service guarantee, if the problem that you originally called us for reoccurs within 10 days, we will provide additional computer service to resolve the problem at no charge. In the rare event we are unable to fix or diagnose the issue, then you will not be charged.

Q. Is it easy to book a Southmicro technician?

A. Yes, just give us a call at 1300 722 621 and speak with a friendly customer service representative. We will explain our services and costs, collect your contact details and description of the computer problem. We will then book an appointment with one of our expert technicians. If you have provided us with an email and a mobile number you will receive a confirmation email and SMS.

Q. What if I want to cancel a booking?

A. Please provide us with at least 4 hours notice by calling our call centre.

Q. How do I prevent data loss?

A. Regular Backups are essential to prevent data loss. We can assist with the setup of a Backup system for your home or business. If your computer equipment has a problem where you lose access to your data we can provide onsite data recovery services and if it is needed we can take your equipment to a data recovery lab. We will keep you up-dated on the progress of recovery if this turns out to be the case.

Q. Can Southmicro help me with buying a computer or other hardware?

A. Definitely. Our technicians come across a wide range of Computer Equipment and are experts at finding the right match for your needs.

Q. I have a virus on my computer - can you fix it?

A. This is one of the most frequent requests we get. We can definitely remove any infections on your computer. Please give us a call if you need help.

Q. How much does Southmicro Cost?

A. We charge in half hour blocks. There is no call out fee. Please note there is an one hour minimum for onsite work. Please note that this is a service fee and accordingly does not include software or hardware. If hardware or software is required to complete our work then these will be quoted to you by our technician before they are supplied.

Q. I just got a wireless router, can you help me set it up?

A. We certainly can. This is a common request. Our technicians have experience across a wide range of routers. They will set your router up professionally and quickly.

Q. What if my computer needs to have Windows reinstalled?

A. If this is the case, it is best to have all your Windows and Application installation cds and dvds handy as well as any licence codes needed to install your software. Having a backup of your data is also handy.

Q. What should I do if my computer crashes?

A. Repairing a computer that has crashed is one of our core services. It is best to let a computer expert from Southmicro take a look at the situation. Until a computer technician arrives it is better to leave the affected computer alone to avoid potential complications with recovery.

Q. What type of payments do you accept?

A. We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) and Direct Deposit to our Bank Account. After the Southmicro technician completes his work, you will be issued an invoice.

Q. Do you offer support contracts for business clients?

A. Yes we offer non-expiring support packs consisting of varying amounts of prepaid hours depending on your computer support requirements. These packs offer substantial discounts to our regular onsite service rate. Please give us a call to find out more.

Q. Do you offer computer training?

A. Yes, we can offer informal training to you at your home or office. Please give us a call to discuss your training requirements.

Q. What is Remote Support?

A. In addition to our Onsite and Workshop services, we can help you by connecting to your computer through the internet. This is done with your consent and it allows the technician to view your screen and operate your keyboard and mouse as if he was sitting there next to you. At the conclusion of the Remote Support session, the technician will disconnect from your computer, no further connections are possible without your explicit consent.