Feb 012012

Internet Broadband Installation

Before you can enjoy access to the Internet on your computer, an Internet connection will need to be installed and configured. In order to connect Internet to your computer, please review the steps discussed below (to be used a guide only).

Note: In this document, we will assume that we will be working with an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Internet connection. At the time of writing this is the most common type of an Internet Broadband connection available in Australia.

Get connection from an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

One of the first things that needs to be done is choose an ISP as there are many ISPs to choose from each offering a variety of Internet plans. Once you find an ISP you like, you can order from them an Internet connection. Once the connection has been ordered, there is usually a waiting period of several weeks for your connection to be activated.

When you order an Internet connection from your ISP you will usually be provided with the following items:
• Phone Cable
• Network Cable
• ADSL Modem/Router
• ADSL Splitter
• Document with Internet Connection Settings

Connecting the phone line and ADSL Splitter

You will need to connect your ADSL Modem/Router to the Phone Line carrying the Internet signal. You can do this by using the supplied phone cable and an ADSL Splitter. The phone cable from your wall socket should connect to the Line port of your ADSL Splitter and your ADSL Modem/Router should connect to the DSL port of your ADSL Splitter.

Connecting the Network cable

To connect your Computer to the ADSL Modem/Router, you can use the supplied Network Cable. Connect one end of the Network cable into a LAN port of your ADSL Modem/Router and the other end into the network card of your Computer. Alternatively, you can also use a Wireless connection (not discussed here).

Setting up your Internet broadband connection

The supplied ADSL Modem/Router may come preconfigured. If that is the case, then Internet will be ready for use, once all the required connections mentioned above are made and the equipment is powered on.

On the other hand, you may need to configure your ADSL Modem/Router. This is usually done by opening up a web browser and then opening up the web management page of your device (the address of this page is usually written on the bottom of your ADSL Modem/Router or in the accompanying manual). Often a CD is supplied with the ADSL Modem/Router that can be used to configure it instead of using a web browser. The required Internet connection settings should have been communicated to you by your ISP. Check to see if you have a printed out document with these settings.

The above are some of the simple steps required to setup an Internet connection at home or in the office, once your ISP has done their part of the setup outside of your house or office. Provided all the steps are followed carefully and in the right order, this process only takes a few minutes.