May 012012

PC and Laptop diagnostics

In order to effectively diagnose Computer Problems you can run PC and Laptop diagnostics software.

Laptop diagnostics

One of the differences between PC and Laptop Diagnostics is that often laptop manufacturers provide pre-installed diagnostic tools.

PC Diagnostics

There is a variety of third party software available to perform diagnostics for your computer. Many of these tools are provided for free.

What does a PC and Laptop Diagnostic program do?

A good PC & Laptop diagnostic program performs several tests on various hardware components of your computer.

Diagnostic tools test components such as CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, Optical Drive and Graphics Cards amongst others. After these tests are completed, the diagnostic tool will generate a report with the results of the tests. This report will show you whether the components tested are ok or if they have an issue that needs to be looked at.

Benefits of a PC and Laptop Diagnostic program

If something goes wrong with your Computer, you may be inclined to immediately send the computer to the retailer where it was purchased or even to the manufacturer. Diagnostic tools can help identify the problem, and if the resolution is simple and affordable, it may be beneficial to use a Computer Professional to resolve the problem within a day or two, instead of having to wait several weeks for Warranty Repairs to be carried out by the retailer or manufacturer (assuming your Computer is covered by Warranty).