Mar 012012

New Computer Setup

After you complete the installation of your Operating System, there remain a number of other tasks that you may need to carry out in order to enjoy the full functionality of your Computer in a safe and secure manner. These tasks are listed below.

Install device drivers

You will likely need to install device drivers on your Computer (device driver is software that allows the Computer to use the full functionality of its hardware components).

These drivers normally include: Sound Card driver, Graphics driver, Network Card driver, Chipset Driver etc.

Setting up your screen

You may need to setup your screen resolution (this is best done after Graphics driver installation has been completed). The default setting may be too small for your liking or in some cases too big. Your chosen operating system will offer you a means to change the screen resolution to your liking.

Installing Firewall and Anti-Virus

You may need to install a Firewall and Anti-Virus package from a reputable vendor. This ensures that your Computer is protected from malware and intruders. An unprotected Computer that connects to the Internet is at a very high risk of getting infected by malicious software as well as being compromised by hackers.

Setup the broadband connection

You may need to connect your New Computer to your Internet connection. These days the majority of new Computers are purchased with the intent of connecting them to the Internet.

Installing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that allow people to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. It is the most popular application suite of its type. Majority of New Computers have MS Office installation take place during the initial setup.