May 012012

PC and Laptop diagnostics

In order to effectively diagnose Computer Problems you can run PC and Laptop diagnostics software.

Laptop diagnostics

One of the differences between PC and Laptop Diagnostics is that often laptop manufacturers provide pre-installed diagnostic tools.

PC Diagnostics

There is a variety of third party software available to perform diagnostics for your computer. Many of these tools are provided for free.

What does a PC and Laptop Diagnostic program do?

A good PC & Laptop diagnostic program performs several tests on various hardware components of your computer.

Diagnostic tools test components such as CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, Optical Drive and Graphics Cards amongst others. After these tests are completed, the diagnostic tool will generate a report with the results of the tests. This report will show you whether the components tested are ok or if they have an issue that needs to be looked at.

Benefits of a PC and Laptop Diagnostic program

If something goes wrong with your Computer, you may be inclined to immediately send the computer to the retailer where it was purchased or even to the manufacturer. Diagnostic tools can help identify the problem, and if the resolution is simple and affordable, it may be beneficial to use a Computer Professional to resolve the problem within a day or two, instead of having to wait several weeks for Warranty Repairs to be carried out by the retailer or manufacturer (assuming your Computer is covered by Warranty).

Apr 012012

Office Network Support

All organisations, from small to large, will inevitably face technical and network issues. In order to resolve such issues, these organisations will require the services of computer professionals knowledgeable in office network support. These technicians can effectively resolve technical and network related issues allowing the company’s information technology assets to once again operate correctly.

Below you will find a list of some of the ways in which Office Network Support professionals can assist a company.

Providing technical assistance

Office network support technicians offer complete technical assistance to the company. They will assist with hardware and software maintenance requirements.

Resolving internet related issues

Internet issues can arise at any time due to a variety of causes such as server errors, cabling faults, or issues with the networking equipment. Office network support professionals can diagnose and resolve issues such as these within a short time frame.

Resolving server related issues

From time to time server operating systems suffer from a variety of technical issues. Computer Support professionals can assist by connecting to the Server to troubleshoot and resolve the problem and if necessary they can install any required updates.

New installations

If there is a need to implement new technology such as new hardware or software within the company’s office network, then support technicians are very handy to have, since this type of task is a routine part of their support work.

Backing up and data recovery

Office network support staff can be asked to back up business data and to also carry out data recoveries in situations where there is data loss.

Expanding the network

As the company grows, it may need to expand its computer network to accommodate new staff and offices. This kind of expansion can be carried out by office network support professionals. Often, this kind of work can be done overnight or on the weekend to avoid business disruption during working hours.

Sep 012011

Great Home and Office Computer Support!

Southmicro was established to provide fast, professional and high quality Computer support to individuals and businesses who require such assistance and cannot justify paying for a full time IT specialist. The company was created by an individual who has over a decade of combined experience in the IT industry in the Corporate, Small/Medium Business and Home User sectors.

Having spent several years working in the corporate IT environment, the founder saw that there was a gap in the Small/Medium Business and Home User sector when it came to obtaining professional Computer Support. Large organisations have the funds to run their own in-house IT departments, while smaller organisations cannot justify the cost. When things go wrong with their computer systems, smaller organisations often lose a lot of business unless they obtain the assistance of a knowledgeable and professional computer support technician from a company such as Southmicro.

Individuals and businesses regardless of their size are all dependant on computers to carry out their personal and business tasks. It is important that these devices are well supported, not only to prevent problems but also to resolve them quickly. This is the reason why Southmicro was created. We know how important it is to get things running again and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations if you call us for help.

Please give us a call on 1300 722 621 if you are located in Sydney. This Australian based and operated business will address all your needs when it comes to Computer Repairs, Computer Maintenance and Computer Service. We can help you 7 days a week, typically the same day when you make the call for assistance. We can provide assistance on-site and also remotely depending on the support request requirements and urgency. Our remote service works through the internet, where our technician with your consent can take a look at your computer and resolve your Computer Issues. If you prefer you can also book us online using our booking form.

Southmicro focuses on Small and Medium Business IT needs as well as Home Users. Most problems are fixed on-site and this is reassuring to our Clients, who would prefer someone to come out to resolve problems rather than having to carry their Computers around to a computer shop somewhere. We look forward to hearing from you, we aim to prove to you by our professionalism and customer service, that we are one of the leading providers of Computer Support and Computer Repairs.