Jan 012012

Internet and Email Setup

The Internet has greatly enhanced the way we communicate and do business. One of the most useful Internet based means of communication is Email. These days it is taken for granted that almost every person and every business has access to the Internet. Before you can begin to take advantage of the Internet and Email facilities, you will need to setup your access to the Internet and then create an Email address.

Connecting to the Internet

There are a several methods of connecting to the Internet, 2 popular methods are detailed below.

Cable/DSL Broadband

Your chosen Internet Service Provider will be providing you with an ADSL or a Cable connection. The provider will typically provide you with a modem/router (although you can often use your own) and will also supply a document with settings that are to be entered into the modem/router in order to connect it to the Internet. Sometimes these modem/routers come preconfigured with the right settings.

Wireless Broadband

These Adapters typically resemble USB Flash Drives in their appearance. They generally contain a SIM card (like a mobile phone) and require installation of some software on your computer, followed by entry of some settings. These are particularly useful when connected to laptops, as they allow access to the Internet outside of your home, office or any nearby (free) Wi-Fi facility.

Setting up Email

This is generally quite easy to do and often takes less than 5 minutes of time.
In order to setup Email (eg. gmail or hotmail), the following basic steps are involved:
• Go to the web site where you want to make your email account
• Click on “Sign Up” button
• Fill out the Sign Up form (it normally includes information like First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Country etc.)
• Enter your desired Email address and Password
• Choose Secret Question and Answer
• Finally type Captcha and Press Done.