Apr 012012

Office Network Support

All organisations, from small to large, will inevitably face technical and network issues. In order to resolve such issues, these organisations will require the services of computer professionals knowledgeable in office network support. These technicians can effectively resolve technical and network related issues allowing the company’s information technology assets to once again operate correctly.

Below you will find a list of some of the ways in which Office Network Support professionals can assist a company.

Providing technical assistance

Office network support technicians offer complete technical assistance to the company. They will assist with hardware and software maintenance requirements.

Resolving internet related issues

Internet issues can arise at any time due to a variety of causes such as server errors, cabling faults, or issues with the networking equipment. Office network support professionals can diagnose and resolve issues such as these within a short time frame.

Resolving server related issues

From time to time server operating systems suffer from a variety of technical issues. Computer Support professionals can assist by connecting to the Server to troubleshoot and resolve the problem and if necessary they can install any required updates.

New installations

If there is a need to implement new technology such as new hardware or software within the company’s office network, then support technicians are very handy to have, since this type of task is a routine part of their support work.

Backing up and data recovery

Office network support staff can be asked to back up business data and to also carry out data recoveries in situations where there is data loss.

Expanding the network

As the company grows, it may need to expand its computer network to accommodate new staff and offices. This kind of expansion can be carried out by office network support professionals. Often, this kind of work can be done overnight or on the weekend to avoid business disruption during working hours.