Nov 012011

Computer Maintenance and Tune-ups

If you want your computer to function optimally for as long as possible it is important to carry out maintenance and tune-up tasks at least once a year.

When it comes to maintenance and tune-up tasks there are two broad types, which include:
• Software maintenance and tune-up
• Hardware maintenance and tune-up

Software Maintenance and Tune-up

Due to poor maintenance, over time, computers will tend to suffer from a number of software related problems, such as:
• Slow start up time
• Unnecessary programs using up computer resources
• Junk Files using up computer resources
• Various Missing Windows and 3rd Party Software Updates

In order to overcome abovementioned issues it is important carry out periodic software maintenance. In Windows there are certain settings as well as certain 3rd party utilities that can be used to do things such as speed up your computer’s start up time, remove unnecessary programs, remove junk files and install missing updates.

Hardware Maintenance and Tune-up

From time to time your system may also require hardware maintenance so that the computer works efficiently.

Some problems related to lack of hardware maintenance are:
• Slow Speed and Intermittent Shutdowns
• CPU Heat Sink Fan and Case Fan Failures
• Dust Clogged Air Vents

Cleaning your system’s case including CPU Heat Sink by removing accumulated dust, hard drive defragmentation, upgrading your Ram and CPU are some of the hardware maintenance and tune-up tasks that one can carry out, which will help prevent the problems mentioned above.