Jun 012012

PC & Laptop Hardware repairs

Sometimes various components inside the Computer break down. Below you will find a selection of some of the components that have been known to break down in a computer.

Hard disk

Your data including the operating system is usually stored on your Hard Disk (HDD). When the Computer is turned on, the HDD works continuously until the Computer is shut down. The HDD is made up of mechanical and electronic components including spinning platters with magnetic coating. If your HDD breaks down and you do not have a backup, you may wish to have the important data recovered using Data Recovery Services. The recovered data can be placed onto a replacement Hard Disk or other storage media.

Power supply

Power Supply Units (PSU) contain components that convert Electricity from Mains Alternating Current (AC) to regulated Direct Current (DC) at the correct voltage levels to suit Computer requirements. PSUs may have short circuit protection, overpower (overload) protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and over temperature protection. PSUs can break down during use. Some brands are considered to be of higher quality than others and last longer on average and come with longer manufacturer warranties. Power Supplies are typically replaced when they break down.


Motherboard is a critical component inside the computer. Every other component is connected to the motherboard. There are a few hardware repair shops that can repair a mother board fault, such as replacing a faulty motherboard component. Generally, motherboards belonging to desktop computers are replaced if a fault is discovered, while in laptops (where motherboards are far more expensive relative to the total cost of the laptop), certain motherboard repairs are possible (depending on the nature of the fault).