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New Computer Setup

After you complete the installation of your Operating System, there remain a number of other tasks that you may need to carry out in order to enjoy the full functionality of your Computer in a safe and secure manner. These tasks are listed below.

Install device drivers

You will likely need to install device drivers on your Computer (device driver is software that allows the Computer to use the full functionality of its hardware components).

These drivers normally include: Sound Card driver, Graphics driver, Network Card driver, Chipset Driver etc.

Setting up your screen

You may need to setup your screen resolution (this is best done after Graphics driver installation has been completed). The default setting may be too small for your liking or in some cases too big. Your chosen operating system will offer you a means to change the screen resolution to your liking.

Installing Firewall and Anti-Virus

You may need to install a Firewall and Anti-Virus package from a reputable vendor. This ensures that your Computer is protected from malware and intruders. An unprotected Computer that connects to the Internet is at a very high risk of getting infected by malicious software as well as being compromised by hackers.

Setup the broadband connection

You may need to connect your New Computer to your Internet connection. These days the majority of new Computers are purchased with the intent of connecting them to the Internet.

Installing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications that allow people to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. It is the most popular application suite of its type. Majority of New Computers have MS Office installation take place during the initial setup.

Oct 012011

Antivirus & Firewall Installations

Antivirus & Firewall software will protect your computers (eg. Desktops and Laptops) from Malware (eg. viruses) and intruders (eg. hackers). As a consequence, this software reduces the risk of corruption and loss of your files.

It is highly recommended to install good Antivirus & Firewall software. After installation, it is important to periodically check that the software is keeping itself up-to-date so that it can detect threats as they become known to the software manufacturer.

Firewall Installation

Recent Microsoft operating systems do come equipped with a Firewall. Your Windows Firewall will protect you from a number of threats. From time to time you may need to go into the settings of the Firewall and customize it per your needs.

Un-trusted software is in the block list of your Firewall by default, however when such programs attempt to access the internet your Firewall will ask you whether you want to unblock them.
Apart from Windows Firewall, 3rd party Firewall software is often bundled with Antivirus software and sold as a full security suite by various security software manufacturers.
Antivirus Installation

When you plan to install Antivirus software on your PC (or even the full security suite software), there are many different brands of software to choose from. Almost all of them provide you with a free trial version so that you can try the product to see if it performs to your satisfaction before deciding to pay for the full version.

Security software generally follows a standard installation method which is outlined below:

• The very first thing to do is to download the installer or setup program onto your computer from the software manufacturer’s website. At around the same time you may wish to purchase a licence key to enable the full version of the product.

• Run the set up program on your system in order to start the installation process.

• During the installation the software may prompt for a “Licence Key” or a “Serial Number” in order to verify that you have a genuine copy of the software. At this point, you may select to install the software as a free trial version rather than providing a purchased “Licence Key” or “Serial Number”.

• Tick the accept box under the statement “You have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Agreement”

• Select whether you want to go with a Custom install or a Complete installation. Custom installation allows you to only install specific functions of the software, however it is generally recommended by the software manufacturer to go with a complete installation.

• After these steps the installation will proceed. In a matter of minutes your software will be installed and ready to use!

• Generally, at this point no further configuration is required, but most brands of software do allow you to customise the installation to your preferences using the options and settings offered within the software