Jul 012012

Computer Upgrades

When you want to get more performance out of your Computer, switching towards a new laptop or desktop is not the only possible option. As an alternative, you can choose to upgrade components inside your Computer. This is generally a cheaper option as well.
Below, you will find information on some of the possible Computer upgrades one can carry out.

Memory Upgrade (RAM)

This is probably the most common type of Computer upgrade that takes place. This is generally the easiest way of increasing your Computer’s performance without spending a lot of money. It is relatively easy to upgrade your RAM, however the procedure to do so varies slightly between different types of Computers. One must also be aware of the different types of memory that are used and ensure that the memory they purchase is compatible with the Computer they wish to upgrade.

Storage Upgrade (Internal Hard Disks)

Storage upgrade is another common type of Computer upgrade that people carry out. There are two main methods to do this.

The first method is the simplest. Here you simply add an additional high capacity Hard Disk (HDD) to your Computer. Once added, you can immediately begin to use the additional space to store extra data that you could not fit on your existing HDD. However, this option is not always possible, particularly with laptops where you are often physically limited to a single internal hard disk.
The second method to increase space is to clone the existing disk to a larger disk and then use the larger disk instead of the existing disk. There are several software tools that allow you to clone disks and then adjust the disk layout so that you can use the full capacity of the new disk. The original disk does not need to be thrown out as it could be placed into an enclosure and used as an external disk.

Processor Upgrade

This is less a common type of upgrade that people carry out and it requires some degree of skill to avoid damaging the processor, motherboard and the cooling fan assembly during the upgrade. One must make sure that the processor purchased is compatible with the motherboard that it will be connected to.